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€ 3,50


Discover the highlights of the Netherlands
How did the small country of the Netherlands achieve great things? You'll find out in Madurodam, a city full of miniatures and attractions. Drop by!


Den Haag, Nederland

€ 1,50


On one of the sandbanks of the Oosterschelde is a large group of seals perched where we can come very close to low tide. We take on our special seal safari ample time to enjoy silence of these beautiful animals. A unique opportunity! 

Frisia Rondvaarten

Diverse locaties in Zeeland, Nederland

€ 12,-


In the middle of the nature of Bleiswijk you will find the beautiful Elysium. This wellness resort is known for its worldly decor and the most beautiful Hamam in the Netherlands.


Bleiswijk, Nederland

€ 12,50


Discover one of the most beautiful beauty, sauna & wellness resorts in the Randstad! At Thermen Holiday in Schiedam you will find numerous saunas, baths and other wellness facilities.

Thermen Holiday

Schiedam, Nederland

€ 1,-


At the muZEEum you find the Lampsins' beautiful 17th century town house, underwater treasures from sunk East Indiamen, Zeeland's maritime life, then and now.

Zeeuws maritiem muZEEum

Vlissingen, Nederland

€ 1,50


Join us on an adventure tens millions of years back to the time of the dinosaurs. History is brought to life on Historyland!


Hellevoetsluis, Nederland

€ 11,-


Experiencing nature realtime ...
It cannot be more beautiful, if you close your eyes and you hear them sniff it feels like you're in between them.

Zeehondensafari Eendracht

Bruinisse, Nederland