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€ 2,-


Travel around the world in a day at Royal Burgers’ Zoo and discover animals everywhere in the Bush, Desert, Ocean, Safari, Mangrove, Rimba, and Park!

Koninklijke Burgers' Zoo

Arnhem, Nederland

€ 11,50


Discover the wonderful water world from very close!


Harderwijk, Nederland

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De Hoge Veluwe National Park is unique in the world due to its combination of natural beauty, wildlife, activities and art.

Nationaal Park Hoge Veluwe

Otterlo, Nederland

€ 1,50


Julianatoren in Apeldoorn is the nicest children's amusement park in the Netherlands. Enjoy more than 60 crazy attractions, spectacular shows and big events. Julianatoren is awesome! 

Kinderpretpark Julianatoren

Apeldoorn, Nederland

€ 1,-


Verwolde House takes you on a trip to the 18th century.

Here, you will see how the noble family lived in this house for 200 years. The upstairs living quarters are decorated as if the Van der Borch family could enter any minute. Downstairs you will meet the residents and their staff through an interactive presentation.

Huis Verwolde

Laren, Nederland

€ 12,-


De Veluwse Bron is a vast wellness resort in the middle of the Veluwe, exactly between Apeldoorn and Zwolle. The resort is located on a beautiful natural lake and has a large number of special saunas, swimming and steam baths.

Veluwse Bron

Emst, Nederland